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Fin Cup System

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The FIN II cup was designed in 1992 with the aim of offering a highly versatile solution, thanks to a wide choice of inserts and heads.

Over the years, the range has been expanded to meet the specific needs of surgeons.

The system has expanded and now includes 5 cups with specific characteristics and indications. The cups are compatible with the same inserts and share the same surgical procedure and instrument kit.


Uncemented first implant cup, made of Titanium TI6al4V ELI (ASTM F3001) using EBM technology: an innovative additive manufacturing solution.

The cup is characterized by a reticular structure replicating that of a diamond. The size and morphology of the alveoli provide an ideal habitat for the osteoconduction process, thus accelerating osseointegration.

FIN II Cup DMD_Swiss Synergy_Hüftprothesen
FIN DMD Multi-hole REV_Swiss Synergy_Hüftprothesen

FIN DMD Multi-hole REV

Uncemented revision cup made of Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI (F3001) made using EBM technology.

The FIN DMD Multi-hole REV cup has holes for the use of spongiosa screws (10 holes in sizes 46, 48 and 50, and 12 holes in sizes 52 to 72).

The cup is equipped with a wide range of wedges, allowing the surgeon to treat most cases of acetabular revision, even in the presence of cavity and segmental bone defects.

Acetabular WEDGES

The acetabular wedge system for the FIN DMD cup has been designed to respond to different acetabular deficiencies while retaining the existing bone.

The different thicknesses (15, 20 and 25mm) allow the surgeon to customize the filling of the bone defect according to the different needs of the patients and restore correct joint mechanics.

Acetabular WEDGES_Swiss Synergy_Hüftprothesen
FIN II and FIN II HA_Swiss Synergy_Hüftprothesen


The FIN II cup features three cranial fins, which provide greater primary stability and an anti-rotation function. The three holes in the proximal area of the cup  allow the possible application of 6.5 mm screws, with axial deviations up to 15°.

Uncemented cup made of Ti6Al4V alloy grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3), with outer coating in Ti-C® Growth plasma spray titanium.

The FIN II HA Cup retains the same features, design and materials as the FIN II Cup, but features a double outer surface coating made of Ti-Growth C® and hydroxyapatite HA.



Uncemented cup in Ti6Al4V alloy grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3) and outer coating in Titanium Y 367.

The Fin MB Cup retains the same morphological characteristics as the Fin II Cup, with the exception of the three cranial fins.

However, primary and secondary stability is guaranteed by cup geometry and porous coating.

FIN-MB-Swiss Synergy_Hüftprothesen

Hinweis: Bitte lesen Sie vor der Verwendung des Systems die Gebrauchsanweisung sowie OP-Technik für etwaige Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, Indikationen und Kontraindikationen, sowie eventuell auftretende Nebenwirkungen.

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